Fla.’s Attorney General Investigates Whether 3 Prominent Foreclosure Law Firms Secured 1,000’s of Foreclosure Judgments by Fraud in Miami and Around the State

mag glass.jpgThe economic crimes division of the Florida attorney general’s office is investigating whether possible wrongdoing by three law firms may have played a role in obtaining thousands of mortgage foreclosure judgments.

Banks and law firm firms are coming under greater scrutiny each and every day. It is therefore important to consult, and hire, an experienced foreclosure defense attorney to defend your rights. An experienced foreclosure defense attorney will be able to assess and evaluate what defenses you may have during the foreclosure process, and aggressively advocate your positions in the foreclosure. And when given an opportunity to defend these cases properly, we have actually not only won those cases, but we have secured attorney fees in our favor.

Thousands of final judgments of foreclosure against Florida homeowners may have been the result of the allegedly improper action of the bank’s law firms. Whether the law firms may have created affiliated companies outside the United States where the allegedly false documents are being prepared and then submitted to the law firms for use is also being investigated.

Law firms are certainly not immune to Florida’s a deceptive and unfair trade practice laws. This investigation appears to be aimed at curbing many of the practices that many foreclosure mills engage in on an almost daily basis. Indeed, many judges have become very frustrated with these law firms, and their practices. As a result, they have started to bash many law firms.

We have been successful in defending many foreclosure cases when given an opportunity to develop a plan to properly defend the foreclosure.

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