Florida Ranks 2nd in the Nation for Mortgage Delinquencies

Past Due.jpgBoth Nevada and Florida continue to lead the nation in mortgage delinquencies. According to recent news reports, Florida’s mortgage delinquency rate is at 14.5% and is only surpassed by Nevada at 14.76%. The delinquency rate is often seen as a precursor to foreclosure. And both Florida and Nevada are among the nation’s leaders in foreclosure filings.

Indeed, 21,671 Florida properties fell into foreclosure in January. The reason that number is down is because of the impact from the recent robo-signing allegations, and other issues related to foreclosures in Florida.

For instance, allegations of robo signing, fraud, documentation errors, issues with process servers, problems servicing loan modifications, and other similar issues, have prompted many lenders to slow down the foreclosure process which in turn has slowed down the housing recovery. Florida’s Attorney General eventually announced an investigation into these alleged practices.

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