Florida Remains Among the Nation’s Leaders in Foreclosure Filings

miami beach.jpgForeclosures are a growing epidemic impacting not only many individual families, but the economic recovery as a whole. Whether your circumstance was caused by an increase in your interest rate, a loss of employment, decrease in income, divorce, death, or hospitalization of someone in your family, we can help.

Florida continues to hold on to its number three position for foreclosure filings in the country. In the third quarter, one in every 56 homes received a foreclosure filing. Nevada continues to lead the nation, and Arizona was second.

Florida foreclosure activity increased 12% from the previous quarter and was flat from a year ago, giving Florida the second largest foreclosure activity total, with a 157,026 properties receiving a foreclosure filing.

However, the recent moratorium on foreclosures, by several major lenders, in light of the “robo signing” revelations, will likely result in a reduction of foreclosures in the fourth quarter. Foreclosure activity in the 24 states that require foreclosures to be filed through the courts, including Florida, most affected by the foreclosure documentation issue plaguing many banks accounts for 40% of all foreclosure activity in the third quarter and 36% of all bank repossessions.

Struggling homeowners should contact our office to meet with one of our Miami foreclosure defense attorneys today. As the revelations of improper “robo signing” continues to increase, those who are in danger of losing their home to a foreclosure should examine the situation, with the aid of one of our attorneys, in greater detail. The problems the banks are presently experiencing as a result of the “robo signing” allegations arise in large part as a result of foreclosure defense attorneys bringing to light the systematic fraud routinely committed by the banks, their employees, and their law firms.

Homeowners have many alternatives available to them to fight a foreclosure. But homeowners must be armed with as much information as possible to decide what is best for them regarding the ongoing foreclosure crises.

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