Home Ownership is Still a Dream to Many Despite all of the Problems Associated with Today’s Real Estate Market


The dream of homeownership is still alive and well, albeit beat up a little bit. And, according to a recent survey, it will likely be individuals aged 18 to 34 who will play a key role in helping to stabilize our housing market.

Fueling the enthusiasm being felt by so many aged 18 to 34 is the growing number of very affordable homes in the market coupled low interest rates. However, increasing mortgage rates also might help drive those who have been sitting on the fence into the market.

However, the housing bust hangover continues to linger over South Florida. Cumulative home prices are expected to decline between 6 to 8% for the next 7 to 8 months and perhaps bottoming out towards the end of 2011.

A main culprit behind the housing market’s continued struggles, aside from the real estate market’s collapse, involves all of the recent scandals that have plagued our real estate market.

For instance, allegations of robo signing, fraud, documentation errors, issues with process servers, problems servicing loan modifications, and other similar issues, have prompted many lenders to slow down the foreclosure process which in turn has slowed down the housing recovery.

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