Many of the Problems Associated with the Handling of Foreclosures Comes to Light During Recent Congressional Hearings Investigating Foreclosures

foreclosure_sign_home_18.jpgA recent House Subcommittee hearing brought together bankers and housing regulators to discuss the ongoing foreclosure crises. The one consensus that was reached was that the system needs to be corrected and fixed.

One of the main obstacles that many banks claim they encounter during both the foreclosure and loan modification process are investors who require that the foreclosures keep moving forward even though borrowers are trying to get a modified mortgage to lower their mortgage payments. Another problem involves what to do with the second loans because the holders of both the first and second loans must agree to the modification. Therefore, homeowners may not get payments lowered as dramatically if they have a second mortgage, and that could lead to re-defaults.

Another source of harsh rebuke was the Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP). The results of the HAMP program to date reveals that it is not meeting its objective of preventing foreclosures. Indeed, the Federal Reserve predicts that there will be approximately 2.25 million foreclosure filings in 2011 and about 2 million more in 2012. Florida would again be among the nation’s leaders in the number of foreclosure filings, with South Florida leading way in the Sunshine state.

The current real estate market, and ongoing foreclosure crises, presents all sorts of issues that must be properly navigated. Our Miami foreclosure defense lawyers have assisted many parties in buying enough time to reach the solution that is right for them.

There are many alternatives to foreclosure, and often times it just takes proper planning to properly navigate against the potential pitfalls. Help is often available to those who seek it.

There are many factors contributing to Florida’s nation leading delinquency rates. They include a weak job market, weak economic recovery, and a major drop in home prices. Consequently, Florida’s real estate market remains unsettled in large part due to the continued foreclosure crises.
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