Real Estate Round Up – What do Burt Reynolds and OJ Simpson have in Common?

burt-reynolds.jpgIf you answered that they both played football in college, you would be correct. Burt Reynolds played football for FSU, while OJ Simpson had a highly decorated football career that culminated with an induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after having won a Heisman Trophy at USC.

But they share something else in common. They have both been hit with foreclosures.

Burt Reynolds faces the prospect of losing his waterfront home in Hobe Sound, Florida after failing to make mortgage payments for almost a year.

OJ Simpson’s home in South Miami is now in foreclosure because he was sentenced to jail and has failed to make a payment while he has been incarcerated.

The foreclosures of Burt Reynolds and OJ Simpson simply serve as a reminder that foreclosures have hit both rich and poor alike like an epidemic.

But for those if you facing foreclosure, there is hope. A proper plan could help aleviate the stress involved with the foreclosure, and help navigate out of those rough waters. Often times there are alternatives to foreclosure, but just takes planning to help address each alternative.

As for what will become of OJ Simpson’s home after the foreclosure, a local news report suggests that PETA wants to turn his home into a vegetarian museum. PETA may end up working with the bank to purchase the home and help solve OJ Simpson’s pending foreclosure. It just serves to illustrate that there are alternatives to foreclosure. It just takes exploring and planning to find them.
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