What Are Your Rights In Foreclosure? Can You Save Your Home? Seek the Aid of a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Today.

foreclosure sign over home.jpgWhen you are facing foreclosure, you may feel powerless. A mortgage foreclosure is a frightening experience, especially if you are currently unemployed or have dealt with some other life altering factor in your life that has left your finances in ruin.

Yet, you have rights and options. At the law firm of Alvarez & Barbara, LLP, we stand up for your rights — and your home. Explore your options, protect your rights. Contact our Miami foreclosure defense attorneys for a free consultation.

Helping You Assert Your Rights

Asserting your rights will not only give you the chance to save your home; it may also increase the amount of time that you have in your home. You may also have many alternatives available to potentially avoid foreclosure.

Consider these rights that homeowners have during foreclosure:

• You have the right to be notified of the foreclosure. Lenders must give you written notice that they plan to foreclose on your home.

• You have the right to stop foreclosure by paying off all of the past due amounts you owe on your home mortgage.

• You have the right to discuss the foreclosure with your mortgage company. If you are unable to pay what you owe on the house, you may be able to negotiate alternative payment options (a loan workout/loan modification).

• You may be able to privately sell your home to pay back mortgage debt. However, selling your home may not discharge the remaining debt you owe on the home (if it sells for less than you may need to pay back the loans).

• You have a right to contest the foreclosure process. Did the mortgage company properly notify you? Is there evidence of predatory lending?

• If your home is sold, you have a right to any money that comes of the sale that is not necessary to pay back your mortgages and late fees.

• You have a right to hire an attorney. Sometimes, the best defense against foreclosure is a Miami foreclosure attorney.

The current real estate market, and ongoing foreclosure crises, presents all sorts of issues that must be properly navigated. Our Miami foreclosure defense lawyers have assisted many parties in buying enough time to reach the solution that is right for them.

There are many alternatives to foreclosure, and often times it just takes proper planning to properly navigate against the potential pitfalls. Help is often available to those who seek it.
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We have been successful in defending many foreclosure cases when given an opportunity to develop a plan to properly defend the foreclosure.

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