Florida Leads the Country in the Number of Homeowners who are Delinquent in their Mortgages

Thumbnail image for underwater.jpgAccording to the latest figures, Florida still leads the nation in the percentage of homeowners who are seriously delinquent on their loans.

Down from 20.13 percent, 19.52% of borrowers were either 90 days past due or in foreclosure in the third quarter. When adding in borrowers who are 30 and 60 days late, one quarter of Floridians are behind on their home loans.

Unfortunately, Florida holds the number one spot with a sizeable margin. In Nevada, the state with the second greatest amount of homeowners who are seriously delinquent, the rate stands at 17.83%. Illinois ranks third with a 10.77% of homeowners that are seriously delinquent.

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There are many factors contributing to Florida’s nation leading delinquency rates. They include a weak job market, weak economic recovery, and a major drop in home prices. Consequently, Florida’s real estate market remains unsettled in large part due to the continued foreclosure crises.

For instance, the economic recovery that is currently taking place is largely a jobless one. In fact, since 2007, when the recession began, South Florida’s workforce has only recovered to about 90% of where it was before the recession began. Since South Florida’s economy was so dependent on the housing market, it will likely take some time for South Florida’s economy to recover given the ongoing real estate crisis that is impacting all of us on a daily basis here in South Florida.

Additionally, another potential problem for our local economy, an economy that is still very dependent on real estate development, is that many lenders are increasingly reluctant to make new construction loans to developers. Now that certain tax credits have expired, coupled with the increasingly sluggish real estate market, builders continue to see stormy days ahead. Indeed, increasingly high unemployment rates, coupled with stringent mortgage lending guidelines, are keeping many prospective purchasers on the sidelines.

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