Florida Ranks No. 1 Nationally in Mortgage Fraud

palm-trees.jpgRecent figures reveal that Florida ranks first in the nation as it relates to those whose mortgages are seriously delinquent. But that is not the only dubious distinction where Florida tops the nation. Now, reports indicate that Florida can also claim first place in the number of mortgage frauds.

If you feel as though you have been victimized by mortgage fraud, don’t despair. Our Miami mortgage fraud lawyers will carefully evaluate the facts and legal issues in your case. If we believe that you are a mortgage fraud victim, we will aggressively represent you in your case against the predatory mortgage lender — fighting for your rights and seeking justice in the legal system. If you are a victim of mortgage fraud by a bank or mortgage lender, we will use our legal experience in real estate and mortgage fraud to stand up for your rights. We want to help you keep your home.

According to MortgageDaily.com, which tracks criminal and civil cases across the country, Florida has the highest third quarter score on its Mortgage Fraud Index. The website gave Florida a fraud index score of 143. This easily surpassed numbers two and three on the list. Coming in second place is California with a score of 100. New York is in third place with a score of 70. In terms of real dollars, there were $110 million in mortgage fraud accusations levied in Florida.

Many of the mortgage fraud busts have happened in South Florida, and specifically in Miami. Some of these busts were frauds which were perpetrated with false loan applications and in other cases involving straw buyers. In some of these cases both mortgage brokers and title agents were picked up in these busts, and many attorneys have even lost their ability to practice law in Florida as a result of the rampant fraud.
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