Improper Foreclosure Practices Were Known by Fannie Mae as Far Back as 2003

fm-foreclosure2.jpgFannie Mae know about the “robo signing” allegations, as well as other problems with the foreclosure handling, as far back as 2003.

Such allegations are the subject of state attorney generals, including Florida’s, across the country, into how lenders and their law firms ignored proper procedures to handle the avalanche of the foreclosure paperwork.

According to recent news reports, an unnamed shareholder warned Fannie Mae of alleged foreclosure abuses in 2003. Fannie Mae responded by hiring a law firm to investigate the claims in 2005. The law firm reported in 2006 that it had found foreclosure attorneys in Florida were routinely filing false pleadings and affidavits.

Presumably, one of the law offices in Florida that was beset with problems was the law offices of David J. Stern. Mr. Stern recently closed his office, but left a mess in the wake of his hastily withdraw on thousands of foreclosure files.

That has included investigations and lawsuits. The investigations have revealed that many in the foreclosure pipeline have cut corners to the detriment of innocent homeowners.

Fraud is widespread in foreclosure cases. It appears to be a systemic problem. Despite this fact, its not easy to spot. It takes an experienced foreclosure defense attorney to spot fraud. But spotting the fraud is not even half the battle. The challenging part is attacking the fraud and establishing the appropriate strategy.

Navigating these waters can be difficult, but we are experienced in handling foreclosure matters. People often think that foreclosure defense basically entails delaying the “inevitable” – a foreclosure. However, many alternatives exist. At Alvarez & Barbara, we don’t buy time to delay the inevitable. We buy to time to find a solution that suits each individual client.
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