Losing Your Home Is Enough To Make You Sick

Foreclosure-stress.jpgResearch has revealed what many have known for some time. Losing your home is enough to make you sick.

The research reveals that economic well-being and physical well-being are indeed connected. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the ongoing national foreclosure crisis is having a significant impact on mental health as well as on a wide range of preventable conditions that are susceptible to stress.

The research focused on four states that were hardest hit by the ongoing foreclosure crisis. One of those four states was Florida, which ranks second nationally in the number of foreclosures.

Each state was analyzed by zip code comparing foreclosure rates to reports of emergency room visits and hospital admissions for stress-related conditions from April 2005 through December 2009.

For every 100 foreclosed properties in a community, emergency room and hospital admissions went up 7.2% for hypertension and 8.1% for diabetes among those age 20 to 49.

Suicide attempts also went up significantly, as did vitals and admissions related to anxiety.

Don’t let the economy ruin your health. If you feel as though you are the brink of financial disaster, then it is imperative that you find a healthy outlet for that stress before the health problems become serious.

Additionally, if you are struggling in today’s market, you certainly have alternatives available to you that could assist you are you shaving your home or avoiding foreclosure. Help is often available to those who seek it.
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