Miami Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Review the Numbers Behind the Foreclosures

foreclosure-distribution-2005-2010q2.pngDouble dip? Some are saying it is a foregone conclusion. Others are saying it won’t happen at all. But this much is certain. The foreclosure crises here in South Florida continues to pick up steam with no end in sight anytime soon.

South Florida has been one of the hardest hit regions in the country with respect to foreclosures. As reported in the South Florida Business Journal, the numbers are rather staggering.

For instance, more than 100,000 properties have been repossessed in the Tri-County area since the real estate market began to collapse in late 2007. That breaks out to an average of 2,300 repossessions a month. Moreover, the 100,000 mark was hit earlier this month, when 317 properties were repossessed in the tri-county area.

To understand these numbers in greater context, lenders have repossessed an average of 75 properties per day since January of 2007. Approximately 40% of all South Florida properties have been repossessed, by the banks, as a result of a foreclosure filing.

And it does not seem to be getting better. Consider a recent USA Today article discussing how 1 in 10 American households with a mortgage was at risk of foreclosure this year. About 9.9% of homeowners had missed at least one mortgage payment as of June 30th.

In a worrisome sign, the number of homeowners starting to experience problems with their mortgage rose after trending downward last year. The number of Americans missing payments and falling into foreclosure has followed the upward trend in unemployment, which has shown no sign of easing anytime soon.
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