Miami Foreclosure News: More People are Falling Behind on their Mortgage Payments as Personal Bankruptcy Filings Increase BASENAME: miami_foreclosure_news_more_pe

for sign.jpgThe number of people falling behind on their mortgages for the first time is on the rise, according to Additionally, personal bankruptcies are on the rise in Miami Dade County.

Specifically, 3.51% of borrowers were 30 days late in their own payments in the second quarter, up from 3.31% at the end of last year. The shift is a stark reversal from the steady decline in short-term delinquencies during 2009. Moreover, personal bankruptcy filings rose 74%, year over year, to 1,788 cases opened, and 5% over July. Bankruptcy filings are at the highest levels since Congress overhauled the bankruptcy laws in 2005.

These grim statistics serve as a sad reminder of our reeling economy. And the high rate of delinquencies and bankruptcies leave many experts wondering whether a new round of foreclosures is on the horizon.

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